Our Fees

Lending Fees


When payable


Establishment Fee Payable when the loan is made. The level of the fee will depend on the complexity of the documentation required to establish the loan. Commercial loans involving a number of entities will be more expensive then a conventional home loan. From $350 to
PPSR Fee Payable when the loan is made which involves a registration by WBS on the PPSR. $50
Prepayment Fee

If your loan or any part thereof is subject to a fixed rate of interest (including as fixed by a prior interest review) and is repaid prior to due date, either in part or in full, then WBS reserves the right to charge an early repayment fee. Such a fee is calculated as follows, either:


a. the cost to WBS as determined by any interest rate swap counterparty; OR

b. the amount prepaid multiplied by the difference between the 90-day bank bill rate on the date of prepayment and the rate applying to your loan on the same date, divided by 100 and then multiplied by the number of days your loan had to go before the fixed rate applying to it expired.

Should either of the above result in a charge of $200 or less, no charge will be made.

The above formula is not the formula prescribed in the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Regulations 2004 or the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Amendment Regulations 2004.

Variation Fee

Payable when WBS agrees to change the structure of your loan.

Rate Fix Fee

Payable should you chose to fix the interest rate on your loan during the term of your loan.

Discharge Fee

If WBS is required to discharge (either partial or in full) any security held by it as security for your loan.


Default interest rates Lending Fees

If you miss a payment you will be charged default interest on the amount you’ve failed to pay. The rate is 2%
above your normal interest rate. It’s charged from the date you missed the payment to the time it’s paid.


Default Fees

In the event of breach of contract on the enforcement of the contract, the following default fees are payable. 


When payable


Dishonour fee Payable if any payment is dishonoured or reversed or unpaid. $15
Notice of unpaid rates If we write to you because you have failed to pay your rates on time. $50
Payment of unpaid rates

If we receive formal demand to pay the rates you have failed to pay and have subsequently had to make payment on your behalf.

Notice of unpaid insurance If we write to you because you have failed to pay the insurance on the property we hold as security for your loan. $50
Payment of unpaid insurance If we have to pay the insurance premium you have failed to pay so that the property we hold as security remains insured. $100

General Account Fees


When payable


Automatic payment fee To establish or change an automatic payment $2.50
Audit confirmation report $50
Posted statement fee WBS will provide online access and email statements free of charge $3.50