wbs dispute resolution process

WBS understands that occasionally misunderstandings, mistakes and disagreements occur. We therefore have a process for dealing with such circumstances.
In the first instance, any one of our staff can help to resolve a problem.

Should a staff member not be able to help you come to a satisfactory resolution, then you may ask for the Operations Manager to assist and review your case.

If you are still not satisfied after dealing with the Operations Manager then your query can be escalated by writing to the Chief Executive Officer.
As a Financial Service Provider, WBS is a member of an Approved Dispute Resolution scheme. The scheme provider whom WBS is a member of is the Insurance & Savings Ombudsman.

If the WBS’ internal process has been unable to bring about a satisfactory resolution then you may contact the Insurance & Savings Ombudsman.

The following link illustrates the complaint making process with the Insurance & Savings Ombudsman


Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution