First home buyer

Stepping onto the property ladder for the first time is exciting and a major milestone in one’s life. Here at WBS we have a long history of helping first home buyers turn the dream of home ownership into reality.

Finding the house you want to make your home can take time.

While you’re looking, we can work through what your deposit could look like, how loan repayments may impact your budget, and guide you through new expenses you may not have experienced before such as rates and house insurance payments.

Learn about the various types of loans you can have.

Fixed or floating rate, all fixed or all floating, or a bit of each, is also part of understanding how we can ensure you get off to the best start on this new venture.

Legal fees including your conveyancer’s time, land transfer fees and LIM report.

These are just some of the extra costs you need to think about when buying a home. You may require a registered valuer’s report as well as a building or engineer’s reports. We can guide you through these extra up-front costs to help you budget for these expenses.

Once you’ve found the right house and your offer to the vendor (seller) is successful, all the research you have done above is now put into action.

Confirming the structure of your home loan, getting the LIM report, finding your lawyer, how you’re going to get your house insurance in place ready for settlement are just some of the jobs that need to be completed before settlement date. Most of these actions can be organised beforehand removing any stress of the thought of having all this work to do.

We’ve been around Wairarapa for a long time now, meaning we have strong relationships with many lawyers, valuer’s and other professionals in the area. Working alongside these professionals ensures each step of the process goes as smoothly as possible for you.

Buying and Selling

You’ve been through the buying process before but may not have sold and bought again. The steps are very similar with a first home buyer, only you will want to confirm with your lawyer the conveyancer’s fees with 2 properties involved.

When moving to your next home, many of our members ask if they should sell before they buy their next property, buy the next property before they sell their current one, or are they able to keep their current home (or maybe the new one) as an investment property. What is the right answer? This is as personalised to your situation as your borrowing is.

When selling your home before buying another:

  • You will avoid paying for two home loans at the same time.
  • If your borrowing is already with WBS, we can move the borrowing across to your new property.

Not buying for a while?

Talk to us about how what is the right investment to ensure your equity is earning interest while you decide when to buy again.

Buying before selling your current home:

  • Increasing your current home loan for a short time.
  • Apply for bridging finance.

Investing in the future by keeping your house as an investment property may be an option if you have enough equity built up. See our Investing in Property section to find out more.

Bridging the Gap

A Bridging Loan is designed to cover the difference between the purchase of your new home and the sale of your current home.

Things don’t always line up and If you’re having trouble lining up settlement dates or want to move fast on a new real estate opportunity before you’ve sold, a short term bridging loan is the perfect option.


Your home is probably your biggest investment, so it makes sense to protect it against the unexpected. While we don’t offer insurance services ourselves, we partner with Provincial Insurance brokers – brokers who share our commitment of helping locals and our community protect their future.

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