Giant Inflatable Obstacle Course


WBS is the proud owner of this fantastic and fun inflatable obstacle course.

It’s not to be confused with a bouncy castle! It’s a giant inflatable obstacle course, suitable for kids of all ages. They enter through large foam rollers, go over (or under!) goal posts, through 2 large circular holes, climb up the netting to the top of the inflatable, and slide down the other side. It is powered by a huge blower and when we say the inflatable is big – it’s really big at 18 meters long, 3 meters wide, and 4.2 meters high at the top of the slide which is its highest point.

This is not for personal use – it is for use in the wider community. Your club or group may wish to use it at a function for kids such as an end of season sports wrap up, a fundraiser for an activity, or simply as entertainment at a community event.

The inflatable comes stored on its own trailer with all safety equipment etc. (as well as instructions!) that you will need.  You simply meet Bill (our caretaker) at our storage unit in Masterton with a car that has a tow-bar. (This is pretty important!!!) There is a disclaimer to be signed as you use the inflatable at your own risk. Bill will go over the operation and safety rules and equipment with you. Normal wear and tear is at our cost but if you do damage the inflatable, its trailer, or storage unit substantially, you will have to pay for their repair.

The inflatable is simple to erect and use – but you will need 3-4 adults to set it up and 2 adults to supervise kids the whole time it is in use. The trailer has a hoist unit on it to assist with unloading and reloading. You return the re-packed trailer to the storage unit at the prearranged time and that’s it.

The inflatable is only to be used on grass and it’s use is weather dependent. It is unable to be used in strong winds or in rain. Having said that it is a massive amount of fun when conditions are right!

If you would like more information, or to check if your intended event date is free, or to book the inflatable,  please contact our Marketing Manager – Vicki Bayliss on ph. 3700070 or at

WBS Giant Inflatable