Need Insurance?

Like the weather, some things in life can be unpredictable……

So insuring yourself against the unexpected events that life throws up from time to time is something that can help give you peace of mind that you, or your family, are fully protected if things go wrong.

Whilst we can’t directly offer financial advice or arrange your insurance needs, we have entered into a referral arrangement with Provincial Insurance Brokers to help you understand what your insurance options may look like.

Why Provincial Insurance Brokers?

We’ve chosen Provincial Insurance Brokers because they share the same commitment to personalised customer service that WBS does which means that if you deal with them you can expect the same level of personalised and flexible service that you receive from WBS.  What’s more you’ll also be dealing one-on-one with a real person not a faceless call centre when it comes to meeting your day-to-day insurance needs including any claims you may need to make.

Like WBS, Provincial Insurance Brokers are also focused solely on the Wairarapa region.  For you that means that you can get access to the financial services you need while supporting local businesses that operate for the benefit of the Wairarapa region.

If you’d like to talk to Provincial Insurance Brokers to get an insurance ‘health-check’ or to see whether they can offer you better rates on your current insurances we’d be happy to help.

Click here for an insurance referral form

WBS and Provincial Insurance Brokers are independent of each other and are not agent and principal, joint venturers or partners and are not acting on behalf of each other.

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WBS Sponsorship
WBS Sponsorship