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Standard Contracts

WBS Standard Contract Terms
As required by section 9J of the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003, copies of WBS’s Standard Contract Terms are available by clicking on the relevant links below.

Each Disclosure Statement (click on the relevant link below) is used in conjunction with one of the Loan Contacts, to which there is also a link below. The Loan Contract used will depend on the type and/or security taken as indicated by the name given for each link.

Disclosure Statements

Disclosure Statement – Come & Go
Disclosure Statement – Equity Release
Disclosure Statement – New Loans
Disclosure Statement – Top Up
Disclosure Statement – Non-Mortgage

Loan Contracts

Loan Contract – Flat
Loan Contract – Table
Loan Contract – Deed of Loan – Flat
Loan Contract – Deed of Loan – Table
Loan Contract – Equity Release
Loan Contract – Non-Mortgage – Flat
Loan Contract – Non-Mortgage – Table
Loan Contract – PPSA – Flat
Loan Contract – PPSA – Table
Loan Contract – PPSA (Company) – Flat
Loan Contract – PPSA (Company) – Table

Memorandum of Mortgage – 2017

Memorandum of Mortgage – 2019