Home loans – Bringing it Home

We’ll help you into your new home with a personally tailored loan that works for you.
Buying a home to live in or invest in, is a major investment, so we’ll step you through it to
ensure you have everything to make the right move.

Bridging the Gap

Things don’t always line up, especially when you’re buying and selling homes – and that’s where we can help. If you’re
having trouble lining up settlement dates or want to move fast on a new build or existing property before you’ve sold, a
WBS bridging loan is the perfect option.

We can help you buy or build before you’ve sold

  • You won’t need to make any payments during the bridging loan period (maximum of 12 months).
  • If you repay the loan early – great! There are no penalties or costs.
  • We’ll talk you through all the options and implications, so you can be totally sure you’re going with the right option.
  • We’re local and quick so if we have all the information, your loan application will be assessed within 24 hours.

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Building your dream

Building can be challenging – so we want
to make the finances easy for you.
We’re here to help Wairarapa grow so
you’ll get world class financial help, from
experts who live right here.

If you’re building here, we’re lending here:

  • We’re local and quick, so if we have all the information, your loan could be approved in 24 hours.
  • No two builds are the same, so we’ll tailor the loan especially for you, with flexible options.
  • Plans change and things get delayed, so we’ll help you with cash management throughout the build.
  • We get construction – you won’t just get a competitive loan you’ll also have our expert support to help make your build as painless as possible.

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Rates and options

Our rates are highly competitive and
you can choose one type of loan, or mix
them up to suit your needs. We’ll always
meet face to face to talk you through the
options. We’re a local business run by
local people, so you’ll always be seeing
the decision makers.

For information on our interest rates and
fees, view here.

First home buyers

Buying your first home is a big deal and
we’re here to help make it happen. There
are a lot of things to consider and careful
planning needed, but we’ll take you
through it step by step, to see you safely
into your first home..

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Handy Repayment Calculator

Just enter the amount you’re borrowing, the length of the loan, the interest rate and
repayment frequency to see the minimum monthly, fortnightly or weekly payment amount.


Loan Amount:

Total Interest:

Your Total Cost:

This calculator is intended as a guide/illustration only based on the information you input into the calculator. Results do not represent an offer of finance from WBS. All loans are subject to WBS’s normal lending criteria, terms and conditions and you should note that additional fees may apply. Actual interest rates may be different to those set out on this page depending on your individual circumstances and the nature of the loan you are enquiring about. Rates quoted on this page are for owner-occupied standard residential home loans and amongst other lending criteria assume a minimum of 20% equity.

No More Cheques received from 30 June 2021

As a result of trading banks phasing out cheques, WBS will no longer be able to receive payment via Cheque from 30 June 2021. Please discuss other ways you can make a payment with us.

Fixed rates

Lock in your rate for a set length
of time so you know what
your repayments will be.

*Lending criteria, terms & conditions and fees apply

1 year fixed rate

from 3.55%

Minimum 20% equity

2 year fixed rate

from  3.49%

Minimum 20% equity

Floating rate

from 4.99%

This rate will go up or down with the market

All WBS loans have
their interest calculated daily
and are charged monthly.