Our Purpose

Helping our community prosper

We do this with personalised lending and investing services, by offering great rates, and by giving back to the community through local WBS sponsorships and through grants from the WBS Charitable Trust. We’re like a bank but we’re not a bank. Our offering is simpler. We take deposits, either on-call or for varying fixed terms, and we lend, mostly for housing. Because we get to know you, we find the best financial solution for your situation and we guide you every step of the way.

Our Team

Community is all about people. A shared vision for a vibrant, sustainable and financially strong Wairarapa is part of our team’s DNA.

Our team are all Wairarapa residents with over 215 years’ collective experience in financial services and a focus on providing exceptional personalised service to our members and customers.

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to give you that personal touch while providing quality investment and loan solutions. That means we’re always available to talk, and you’ll have the confidence that you’re dealing with an experienced, trustworthy and reliable team who will put you first.

Meet the team

Our Board

You don’t enjoy the support and trust of your investors and community for nearly 150 years if you aren’t reliable, safe and secure.

Having the right governance and oversight is an important part of earning that trust. That’s why WBS is governed by an independent Board of Directors.

All our Directors live right here and have longstanding connections with the Wairarapa region and community. That’s why they understand what’s good for the Wairarapa is good for WBS, and why their focus is on helping our local people and businesses succeed.

Meet the board