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Whether you want easy access to your savings or a higher interest rate for a fixed term, we can personalise an investment package to suit you.

Term Investments

You’ll earn a higher rate of interest when you invest your funds for a set length of time. You choose the time period and we’ll repay or reinvest your funds when the term is complete. Enquire here or we can have a chat at our offices or in your own home.

Term Rate
2 Years 5.30% p.a
18 Months 5.50% p.a
1 Year 6.00% p.a
270 Days 5.65% p.a
180 Days 5.65% p.a
120 Days 4.10% p.a
90 Days 4.10% p.a

Term Investment Rate

6.00% PA

1 Year Fixed Term

Please contact us if you're looking to invest for a longer term.

Interest rates are subject to change

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Term Investments between $500 and $2,000 receive a flat rate of 1.10% per annum.

Please contact us for a personalised rate if you’re looking to invest for a different term or investing over $1 million.

Terms and Conditions relevant to our Term Investments can be accessed by clicking here.

Call Investments

There are no fixed terms with a Call Investment, so you can access your money or top up your account whenever you like. Remember, if you do make a withdrawal you may earn less interest. Enquire here or we can have a chat at our offices.

$500 – $999 1.10% p.a
$1,000 – $4,999 1.10% p.a
$5,000 – $9,999 1.10% p.a
$10,000+ 1.10% p.a

Call Investments

1.10% PA


All new accounts are subject to a $500 minimum investment. Interest rates are subject to change.

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Which Investment is right for me?

Whether you have a specific goal in mind, or just want to pop a bit of savings away for a rainy day, once you have made your initial investment – regardless of whether it is a Call Investment or a Term Investment – there is no obligation to contribute additional funds unless you choose to.

Interest is calculated daily on the balance of your investments and is paid on the frequency agreed at the time of making your investments.

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