Below are some frequently asked questions relating to our online portal, myWBS. If you can’t find what you need, please contact the team – we’re here to help. 

Is myWBS internet banking?

No, myWBS is an online portal designed to give our members and customers easy access to their loan and investment account balances, statements, and other documents. The portal also allows you to make transfers and payments, update your information, and communicate with us securely.


Can I transfer money?

Yes, you can make payments from your On Call investment to any New Zealand bank account. You can also transfer funds between your WBS accounts.


Transfers and payments are not processed immediately. Why is this?

Until two-factor authentication is introduced, our staff check and process the payments manually to protect your investments. This enables us to ensure the security of your funds.

When will two-factor authentication be introduced?

We hope to have two-factor authentication in place by early 2022.

Can I save regular payees?

Yes, simply send us a secure message via the myWBS portal and we will set these up for you. Message us if at any stage you want to remove payees from the list.

Can I view a list of my regular payments?

We can provide you with a list of your regular standard transactions at any time. Either send us a secure message via the myWBS portal or call us on 06 370 0070 and one of the team will email the list to your registered email address.


How do I amend a regular payment?

Just send us a secure message via the myWBS portal and we will make any required changes for you. Please note that you cannot change a payment on the day it is due as these are processed first thing in the morning.


Can I access the accounts of my club, business or trust?

Yes, we will just need verification that you have authority to act on the account.


How do I register for myWBS?

Click on the myWBS Login button at the top right-hand corner of the website banner – this will bring you to the myWBS Login page where you can click through to Register for myWBS. Once you have completed and submitted the registration form, one of the team give you a call to complete the process.