Investment property

Investing in the future

If you’re considering commercial property development or investment, we have extensive experience in providing the relevant finance, along with a thorough understanding of the Wairarapa property markets.

We also have the tools and specialists to help you to gain knowledge of the local residential investment market and will find the right financial solutions to suit you and your plans.

Investing in property

An investment in residential property investment could work for you if:

  • investing in ‘bricks and mortar’ appeals to you
  • you want to leave a nest egg for your family, or help them with their own first home
  • you are thinking about an asset to help support your retirement
  • you own an existing property with good equity

It’s always important to consider the advantages and potential risks associated with investing in residential property before taking this step.


  • You receive income from rent
  • Deductible expenses may be applied against your taxable income, such as maintenance costs and rates
  • As the property is ‘bricks and mortar’ you have something tangible to show for your investment.


  • There can be unexpected expenses such as property maintenance, delays between tenants and increases in rates or interest rates.
  • Insurance rates could rise, affecting your ongoing costs and reducing your own income.
  • Consider how long it could take to sell the property and if you are likely to make a profit from the sale.

This may be subject to tax, so seek professional advice on the rules and regulations for investment properties. A good place to start is with the IRD bright-line property rule.