Community funding success for organisations across Wairarapa

Wairarapa is special place. We know this, but were reminded again by the healthy number of applications received in the latest WBS community funding round, which closed on 30 April 2023. We are now humbled to be able to recognise the range of wonderful initiatives and sheer hard work being carried out in all corners of our communities, each improving and enhancing the lives of so many.

Pictured: Successful grant applicants the Douglas Villa U13 Titans football team, off to Christchurch in July to attend the Christchurch International Cup 2023. The grant will pay for the tournament entry fee.

We were delighted to grant funds to so many community organisations in this latest funding round, fulfilling the WBS purpose, ‘Helping our community prosper’. These funds went out to a diverse range of applicants: to organisations and people dedicated to their fields of sports, arts, community support, education and environment. WBS is very proud to continue supporting this important work.

Like you, we’re local. It’s the wonderful people of Wairarapa — the parents who coach, the volunteers who support, the people who keep on giving —that make our region such a great place to live. And that’s why our profits at WBS don’t go offshore but get invested back into our local communities. Through the WBS Charitable Trust, we can make a big difference to these communities by supporting all sorts of groups and initiatives with grants and benefits.

Our next community funding round is open for the month of October this year. For more information on funding criteria and how to apply, visit