Making dreams of a new home into a reality

As WBS celebrates 150 years, we’re reflecting on some of the locals we’ve helped into homes. Danny Hepburn and partner Tayla dreamed of creating a home for themselves and their new baby, Romy. With help from family and WBS, their dream is now a reality.

Pictured above, Danny, Tayla and their baby Romy.

Danny Hepburn and his partner Tayla have been able to create a home for themselves and their baby Romy on a piece of land in Mauriceville, thanks to WBS. ‘WBS were very accommodating and their personnel went way beyond what we even asked of them’, says Danny about their new home.

Danny and Tayla had purchased a 2-acre section just before Danny’s 25th birthday, with support from their parents and WBS. When the right house was finally found, it was carefully transported from Bulls over the Saddle Road in September 2022.

‘WBS were really helpful in helping us firstly get the land, then shifting the house, and then renovating it. We really appreciate all the help they gave us.’