Starting early on the road to financial success

Most definitely among our younger investors, we were thrilled to recently welcome siblings Oscar and Esther Gleeson to WBS.

Siblings Oscar and Esther Gleeson.

Oscar, 14, and Esther, 11, have spent several years saving up earnings from a variety of jobs they’ve done for family and friends in their community. They’ve now deposited their savings into an investment account with WBS. ‘They worked really hard to get here,’ said the children’s mother, Lisa Dye. ‘I’m very proud of them.’

With their savings deposited and already earning interest, the siblings now plan to watch their funds grow. ‘I’m definitely not going to go out and blow the money,’ said Oscar. ‘My aim is to leave it where it is and one day buy a house and a car.’

Here at WBS, we’ll be backing the Gleesons every step of the way on their journey towards their financial goals.