Building up the Martinborough Men’s Shed

In the middle of Martinborough, in the old Courthouse building, surprising creations are being built from scratch or brought back to life.

The Martinborough Men’s Shed started up four years ago following a public meeting of local men with amazing skills and the time to employ them. They moved into the old Courthouse, renovated it and started weaving their magic.

To date they’ve given new life to 135 rusty old bicycles for local schools and kindys. They’ve sharpened endless knives, fixed countless broken bits and bobs for people, renovated furniture and more. So when it came time to expand, they had a chat with WBS about potential sponsorship.

Michael Woolley, Chair of the Martinborough Men’s Shed says the renovations will help expand their activities and help more people.

“We’re looking to convert a number of containers out the back of the building so we can do things like welding, pottery and other activities you just can’t do safely in an old wooden building. We can move some of the dusty things we do inside and free up room for guest speakers and get-togethers,” he says.

“We’d raised $20,000 ourselves through garage sales and making things but needed a little extra help to reach our goal. I put together a pretty good presentation and went and saw the WBS Charitable Trust. I was a bit nervous, but they made us very welcome, listened to our plan and ended up supporting us with some sponsorship.”

“It’s more than just getting the money – it’s about building that relationship and it’s made a real difference. My advice to other local groups looking for help is to put together a really good presentation and go and see WBS. They’re all about supporting locals,” says Michael.

The Martinborough Men’s Shed is going strong and is a perfect example of a local group seizing the initiative to employ great skills to help their community. WBS is proud to support them.